As design tools have become more data centric based, many owner/operators are requiring their engineering suppliers to deliver in a certain 3D format. In the past this meant the suppliers had to use the same tools as the owner/operators. With not all o/o using the same tool, suppliers would have to implement and use the various tools of the o/o, leading to increased cost.

Our model translation services solves this dilemma. With our MTS, engineering firms can use the design tool of their choice while still delivering in the required formats of their clients.


How MTS Works

The key to integrated design/engineering is to ensure all sources provide the correct data in the correct format. This is the focal point of MTS. The starting point is to determine what data and format is required. Sotur then uses proprietary solutions that map the data and converts it into the correct format. This provides the ability to use one design tool while providing deliverables into any other design tool.


Cost Savings

Engineering providers can now use their preferred tool but still deliver in a different format. This eliminates the need to implement and use the same tools as the client which in most cases lead to increased costs that were passed on to the client.