It is often very difficult to find the right blend of talent to ensure that your project is successful utilizing any new technology. One approach which has been used numerous times is to place a few ‘seed’ people within your project team who are already experienced using the new applications.

  • Help with the learning curve after formal training had been completed

  • Make sure that your project team is making full use of the application(s)

  • Cut through the confusion between user and project execution errors and actual application issues

  • Make sure the proper support resources are contacted at the appropriate time with the correct information to quickly implement a solution


Sotur can assist you finding the right blend of talent to make your project a success, either by providing these seed resources from initial implementation or supplementing your project with additional resources at the critical time. We can also provide specific services for your individual projects which require high level application expertize, such as:

  • Review Animation development

  • Deliverables verification and Auditing

  • Working with vendors to create holograms of your 3D design

  • Creating an As-Built model of an area