Laser scanning is the latest technology which is being used to capture the existing conditions at plant sites so that this data can be used within your 3D design environment.  There are many options with vendors, scanning applications, modeling applications, and design applications which make this cost effective process difficult to establish within your projects. 


Sotur has extensive experience implementing this technology and can work with your company and projects to make sure that you:

  • Understand the potential cost savings

  • Implement at the proper time during your project schedule

  • Complete a proper contract for both the site scanning service and data configuration

  • Determine if you want the vendor to model any of the 3D geometry for use within your 3D design environment and/or use the scan data directly within your 3D model.

  • Ensure that your 3D modeling application can properly utilize and display the scan data.

  • Work directly with your projects and vendors to ensure the full process is implemented correctly, and the vendor is qualified and selected to match the required technology and process.