Sotur has experienced application support resources who can provide support either on-site or off-site (i.e.: remote) services. Many companies have discovered the long-term benefits to having Sotur provide this expertize rather than to develop these resources internally. Developing and retaining these resources can be expensive. Sotur can provide these support resources:

  • During your initial implementation/evaluation of the applications.

  • For the duration of active projects, because it’s hard to fund this expertize between projects.

  • When you have a short-term need for additional support resources, we can be your ‘flywheel’.

  • Long-term so that you do not need to incur the expense of initial training (and training their replacements when they leave for other opportunities) and leveraging their expertize.


Sotur can provide application support for your:

  • Application Administration

  • Level 1, 2, and 3 User Support

  • Catalog and Specifications

  • Laser Scanning implementation, execution, and implementation of the scan data within your project environment