Data mining is the process which populates databases with legacy data from previous projects and other sources. This data can be in various formats from different applications. Recent development by application providers (ie: Aveva’s Engineering and AvevaNet applications, etc) now allow project teams, construction, and site operations and maintenance teams unique access to data which is valuable for their processes. Owner Operators and Engineering contractors will both benefit from the access to this legacy data but it must first be ‘mined’ from multiple sources and populated in these databases. It is often a cumbersome and time-consuming process to find all of the data and then set it up correctly so that it can be referenced fully and appropriately within these database applications. Correct attributes must also be populated for each element so that the application queries and searches provide the desired results.

Sotur’s Data Mining Service can provide you with an efficient process to review your legacy data and provide it in the correct format so that it is accessible by these evolving applications which will enable their fullest implementation in your project, construction, and site working environment.