Application Development



Sotur has worked with many companies which are just starting the implementation of ‘intelligent’ applications and has also consulted and assisted numerous other companies who have been using these types of applications for many years. Our extensive experience with multiple application providers can be of benefit to you because we can cut through the ‘sales talk’ and confusion which is often the result of the initial evaluation of the options. In addition, these design applications are changing every day and becoming more complex to evaluate.

Sotur has the experience and knowledge to help you figure-out which applications best suit your unique needs. We will work with you after this evaluation has been completed and ensure that they are properly implemented within your project system all the way from turn-key systems to consulting support and every option in between which makes the most sense for your particular situation. Many times the issues are not with the actual application, but with the project design process itself with ‘how to take fullest advantage of the technology at the right time’ during the project execution.