Sotur Difference




No two Owner/Operators or EPC contractors utilize the same design processes and/or applications. Sotur will work with you to help you define the best solution to meet your project and business needs. The best solution is often a combination of applications which are implemented together as a homogenized suite. This is not a ‘sales’ approach as you would receive with an application vendor, but rather a neutral evaluation based on your unique requirements. Most application providers success is based on product sales, and they do not provide application development and support directly to their clients. This is where Sotur comes-in. We ensure that you are using the applications which provide the most appropriate solution for you and then work with you to ensure your success.



Use our expertise to your advantage. Sotur has experience with the customization and configuration of most engineering design applications. Whether it is just setting-up your applications to match your existing design product format, or the development of a complex interface between design applications, Sotur has the expertise to develop the design applications to provide your projects with an efficient and effective design process. Sotur has successfully developed highly specialized user interfaces to meet specific client needs, created interfaces between design applications for one-time entry and transfer of the data, developed applications which track project progress, and implemented the latest technologies including laser scanning data being utilized directly within the 3D modeling environment to name a few. We are positioned to work directly with you to define and enhance your design applications in a way which is unique to your needs.



Without effective implementation on a project, even the best design applications will provide inadequate results. Often the secret to a successful project is understanding how to take fullest advantage of the application’s capabilities at the right time. Sotur has the capability and resources to help you optimize your design, fabrication, and construction processes to reduce design hours, minimize fabrication costs, and reduce field issues and the resulting costly rework.

Sotur can train your users and work with your project teams and leadership to make your implementation a success. We offer all ranges of implementation assistance, from turn-key set-ups through consulting services.