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Sotur provides Application Development, Support and Implementation services for engineering design applications.


Innovation: The Sotur Difference

No two owner/operators or EPC contractors utilize the same design processes or applications. Sotur will work with you to help you define the best solution to meet your project and business needs. The best solution is often a combination of applications which are implemented together as a homogenized suite. We ensure that you are using the applications which provide the most appropriate solution for you and then work with you to ensure your success. To learn more about the Sotur difference, click on the link below.




A laser scanning process that saves projects money: Click to open

Sotur now has alliance agreements with both a leading Laser Scanning Service provider and a Modeling Service provider. The laser canning service provider can quickly capture the existing conditions at your site with an extremely cost-effective process through the use of high resolution scanners. The scan data is then provided to a modeling service provider who can quickly build 3D primitives of the as-built conditions for use within your 3D modeling application. In addition, if needed, the scan data can also be used directly within most 3D design applications. This entire process is more cost effective than the manual processes being used on most projects for new design in existing areas.

Data translation between 3D design applications: Click to open

Did you ever have a project design completed by an EPC contractor utilizing one 3D modeling application and later find that you could not use the data for your next project design in the same area? Even if your new project utilized the same 3D application as the original design, there is a good chance that the original project design would not be usable due to version differences, application configuration, etc. Sotur may be able to help! Our model translation services can often translate not only the geometry between application, but also some of the key attributes. This process can unleash the power of utilizing existing models as the basis for new project design.